The Importance of Child Safety – Protect Them From Medicines

Child Safety – A Matter of Never-Ending Importance

How important is child safety to you? I trust you agree that child safety is of utmost importance, not only in everyday life, but especially when it involves medicines.

Have you noticed that pharmaceutical companies are advertising more and more (new?) prescription drugs. It seems like there are at least two commercials every day advertising a prescription drug I never heard of.

The purpose of this article, though, is not to slam anyone, because I’d rather leave that to someone else. No, my purpose here is to remind everyone about a hazard that can affect children – medicine and safety.

The hazard? – the more drugs the pharmaceutical companies advertise, the more doctors are prescribing. The more doctors are prescribing, the greater the possible risk of children having access to them in our homes.

But what can you and I do to help protect children from having access to medicines? I’m glad you asked.

Helpful Information

A printable chart showing steps to increase child safety



Click here to download the infographic.



Safe Kids Worldwide is an organization whose mission “is to prevent childhood injuries”. This organization has an infographic I believe you will find quite helpful. Here are the five points, and I will add a sixth point I learned from personal experience.

  1. Look around and see where your medicines are. Are they within reach of children? Don’t forget to check for over-the-counter medicines and vitamins.
  2. Be especially careful with items that have a “child resistant” warning on them. There’s a big difference between “child resistant” and “child proof”. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of safety. (Note: In previous articles on this site I may not have clearly stated that there’s a difference between child resistance and child proof. I wish to make it very clear here – the difference is very important!)
  3. Children love to climb. Each of our three grandchildren are quite adventurous. We have to watch them closely. Be sure to be aware of things in your home that children can use to climb on.
  4. Candy and medicines can look alike, especially to little ones. Need I say more about this?
  5. Whether it be a relative living with, or you’re in someone else’s home, be aware of where others keep their medicine(s).
  6. Make sure all the medicines and/or vitamins in your hand make it into your mouth. It’s easy to drop one on the floor.

Let’s Do This!

Print the infographic and post it in a conspicuous place. Make is a habit to review it, perhaps as part of a monthly fire drill you have in your home. Then inspect your home to make sure you are in compliance with the safety recommendations listed in the infographic.

Finally, share this with family, friends and neighbors. Together we can help protect our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and others, from this hazard.

This list is not all inclusive. Please share below your comments, questions, experiences, or anything else that can help us protect our children.



A printable chart showing steps to increase child safety



Click here to download the infographic.



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